As a free-lance travel writer and photographer, Lucretia Bingham’s credits include publication in Vanity Fair, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure, Islands, Smithsonian and Saveur. Peripatetic for many years, she now lives with her beloved husband Jim in Connecticut.

Though the characters and story of The Talcott House are products of Lucretia Bingham’s imagination, she actually does live in The Talcott House, a grand Edwardian mansion, supposedly haunted, situated on the shores of Long Island Sound where their six daughters and grandchildren often visit.

 Adventure is in Lucretia Bingham’s blood. She grew up on an isolated island in the Bahamas where she and her brother more often hunted sharks and treasure than they went to school.

Her grandfather is the famed Hiram Bingham, rediscoverer of Macchu Picchu, a Senator from Connecticut, and  the basis of the character of Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford.

Lucretia literally walked in her Grandfather’s footsteps on the Inca Trail for Conde Nast’s Traveler, has danced in Trinidad’s Carnival for Saveur, revisited the remote fishing village in which she lived in as a child for Islands Magazine, and traveled all over the world for The Los Angeles Times Magazine.