Follow Cornelia's bewildering and unusual childhood journey. Catapulted from her mother's island shack to her wealthy father's life with a "religious group," Cornelia struggles to find her footing. Her father's rigid moral standards feel safer than her mother's emotional unreliability, but beneath the deceptively calm exterior of the group lurks power-hungry adults, sexual harassment, and mental manipulation. Will Cornelia's tender inner strength prevail against evil? Will she be able to break the mental bonds of the church? And if so, does she return to the chaos of her mother's home? And will Hadji be waiting for her when she's ready for love?


Set in the exotic High Atlas mountains of Morocco, She is a thrilling novel of adventure and passion. With six daughters between them, Ophelia and Stuart face challenges in making their newfound passion work. When one child is kidnapped, they are catapulted into separate quests, each forging new family alliances, and facing danger and drama along the way. From its romantic start to its satisfying conclusion, the reader will not be able to put this book down.


A modern version of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca, The Talcott house is a fast paced romantic thriller set in the brooding environs of a waterfront mansion where an evil housekeeper plots to sabotage the passionate love of the two main characters, Stuart and Ophelia. Beginning along the glittering waters of the Mekong River in Cambodia then onto the shoreline of Connecticut this book is lyrical, scary and heartwarming. An exciting page turning read.